Saturday, July 22, 2006

Letter to my Doodlebug on her fourth birthday

Yesterday you turned 4 years old. It seems like only yesterday, you were a little baby, and now you are a real person. You have such deep thoughts and feelings, I often stare at you in wonder. The other day, you sat straight up from a nap on the couch, clutched your chest and said,"I think all the blood has pumped from my heart, and now it is empty." I mean come on, how old are you?

You really enjoy books, although you really have no interest in learning to read. You also love the outdoors, bugs and frogs. When we take you to our quarry, you love to play with tadpoles and fireflies.

You are an incredibly kind soul and everybody loves you. You melt your grandmother with one word, and a batting of your long eyelashes. You love to water the flowers with her, and will spend an hour filling your watering can from the rainbarrel, and watering in her garden. She has so many flowers, and you patiently water every single one.

You are wonderful to your little brother (most of the time). You always want to make sure if you have a snack, little bro has one too. You share your toys with him, even when you don't want to. You hug and kiss him, and always want him around. He worships you like a rock star.

We have a very special relationship, you and I, we always have. We couln't be more different. At preschool, you have lots of friends, I was shy. You are beautiful and outgoing, I was a funny-looking kid. You have an infectous laugh, a laugh from your belly. I was a nervous little girl. Yet I see myself in you, your big brown eyes, and dark hair, like me. We are never as happy without each other, as we are when we are together. I hope we will always be this way, you and I, becuase I cannot imagine life without you.

Happy 4th Birthday, my doodlebug,
Love, Mom

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