Monday, February 08, 2010


Two weeks ago I made a decision, it is time to start taking care of myself again. It has been almost a year since I went to the gym, cared what I ate, let's face it, just generally cared about myself. I have been on the exercise/watch what I eat bandwagon for 16 days now, and I can honestly say I feel better. My pants are noticeably looser already, and I am enjoying the high I feel after I work out.

I was left with so much to take care of, I just could not justify taking the time for me. I can honestly now say, with the 1 year mark looming in just 3 weeks, I have decided that I need to start living my life again, instead of living my husband's. This has been hard for me, as it means that I am actually going to try to be happy without him, a concept until now I have been unwilling to entertain.

I like to think he would be happy for me, but I honestly think he would want me to pine for him, and stay under the covers forever. I have to get over the fact that moving on does not make me love him any less.

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